Kienna Shaw (she/they)
TTRPG creator, storyteller, explorer, illuminator
Available for TTRPG writing and design work
Contact at [email protected]

Self-Published Indie Games

Kienna self-publishes games and TTRPG supplements that focus around themes of self-introspection, relationships, change, humanity and transhumanism, and discovery. Each of them aims to create thoughtful and fun experiences of connection with other people, the game, or yourself.

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design freelance

On top of self-publishing games, Kienna has contributed to a wide variety of TTRPG projects as a freelance designer, mostly focusing on adventure/scenario and setting writing.
They are open for new projects in Q2 of 2022 (contact via email at [email protected]).

TTRPG Safety Toolkit

Kienna is the co-curator (with Lauren Bryant-Monk) of the gold ENnie winning TTRPG Safety Toolkit, a free and living resource compiling a variety of safety/support tools created by people from around the TTRPG space.

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Kienna has been a TTRPG streamer since 2017, both being on the front-end as a cast member player/GM and on the production side doing admin and organization for channels. She is currently the co-founder and co-producer of Salty Sweet Games with Lauren Erwin.

Academic work

During the fourth year of their Bachelor of Knowledge Integration, Kienna created the Dungeons & Dragons and Livestreaming thesis project, which examined the impact of audience on storytelling in TTRPG streams.

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Freelance Portfolio

  • Bleak Spirit (2019) - scenario writer, "The Forgotten Garden"

  • Harper's Tale (2019) - adventure writer, "Where Flowers Bloom"

  • Darkhold: Secrets of the Zhentarim (2020) - safety/support section contributor

  • The Ultimate Micro-RPG Book (2020) - game contributor, "With Sword Heavy in Hand"

  • Hearts of Wulin (2021) - setting writer, "Silk and Steam"

  • Jiangshi: Blood in the Banquet Hall (2021) - setting writer and scenario designer, "Chaos at the Cooking Club"

  • Sea of Legends V1 (2021) - lead adventure writer

  • Candlekeep Mysteries (2021) - adventure writer, "The Curious Tale of Wisteria Vale"

  • Starforged (2021) - safety mechanics designer

  • DIE: The Roleplaying Game (2022) - safety consultant

Self Published Works

  • Life in the Machine (2019) - two-player micro RPG for the Emotional Mecha Jam

  • Before the Tower Falls (2019) - solo micro RPG

  • Heaven Nor Hell (2019) - micro RPG for the Pride Month: Tabletop Gaymes jam

  • To Hell & Back Again (2019) - DMs Guild solo adventure co-written with Donathin Frye

  • Lulu's Guide to Hollyphants (2019) - DMs Guild supplement of hollyphant player character options and lore

  • Oh Maker (2019) - Descended from the Queen game co-written with Jason Cutrone

  • Come Home (2020) - three-player micro RPG for the Ad Astra Jam

  • Into Blue Midnight (2020) - two-player game for the Wretched and Alone jam

  • Way Down Below (2020) - solo Descended from the Queen journaling game co-written with Jason Cutrone

  • As My Body Crumbles (2020) - solo journaling game co-written with Jason Cutrone

  • With My Last Undying Breath (2021) - solo journaling game for the BIPOC Vampire jam

  • Arcon (2021) - system agnostic cyberpunk setting co-written with Jason Cutrone and published in partnership with Metal Weave Games